The definition of sustainable is something that can be continued or a practice that maintains a condition without harming the environment. An example of sustainable is the practice of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our planet is changing and it needs our help, there are so many things that effect our planet negatively, the good news is there is also a lot of ways we can help too.

Here at Amos & Abel we are doing our best to reduce our plastic use within our business, we have sourced what we believe to be sustainable sources of packaging.



FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council® and is an international non-profit labelling system for wood and paper.

The FSC mark guarantees that all materials come from an FSC forest, where no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce. This means better protection of the animal- and plant life, and all foresters have proper training, safety equipment and a decent wage.

All FSC certifications around the world are built on the same basic principles. When you buy an FSC marked product, you know what you get - no matter if the product is produced in Denmark or Bolivia.


Our packaging supplier have created their own eco friendly brand to encompass all the ways they themselves are trying to improve the planet.


ECO is our own brand, which serves as an umbrella term for all our eco-friendly, organic products, recycled products, FSC®-products and Fairtrade® products. We use the ECO label for products that meet our strict requirements re toxic chemicals and products that are damaging to the environment or eco-system.