We want to do more to help, wether that's sustainability read more here or working with charities to help people in need. 

That's why Amos & Abel pledge to give 10% of our profits each year to charity, which means that YOU are also helping, not only do you get stylish bracelets from us but you can walk away knowing that you've done some good with your investment.

Someone somewhere will benefit from your purchase.

This year we will be donating to a Mens Mental Health charity, to help those who really need it.

Mental health problems can effect anyone despite age, location, race, gender or social background.

You may or may not have experienced it yourself or know somebody who has, it's very possible someone you know is dealing with mental health issues but is keeping silent about it, this is one of the biggest problems within men.

Did you know it's thought that at any one time 1 in 8 men are diagnosed with a common mental illness, such as anxiety, depression, panic disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder.

That figure is just based on men who come forward, we all know men are notoriously slow in admitting they may have a problem. 

With our help these charities can work their magic and help those who need it.

Thank you for your support