Bracelet Care guide

Looking after your bracelets is an important part of prolonging their lifespan and keeping them looking fresh.

We recommend that you take these steps to help this process.

  • Avoid getting them wet particularly with salt or chlorine water 
  • Take off during exercising, swimming and participating in sporting events
  • Dry gently with a soft towel or cloth
  • Avoid their contact with chemicals such as aftershaves, hairsprays, alcohol or other solvents.
  • Swap use of bracelets from day to day, not only does this help expand the lifespan but it shows off your range...what are you a one bracelet man?!
  • When not wearing, keep in your Amos & Abel jewellery box.

These steps are all in the best interests of your bracelets, and will help prolong their lifespan.