Lycan The Obsidian

Lycan The Obsidian

Lycan The Obsidian

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Up your wrist game and turn heads effortlessly

Have you ever wanted people to comment on your style, compliment you on how you’re looking or notice your unique style?

Of course you have, who hasn’t

Imagine showing off your style by just raising your hand at the bar or standing out from the crowd with a flash of style peering out from your suit jacket.

Show off your personality and style with our eye catching bracelets, suave, sophisticated & rebellious, our bracelets are the kings of subtle bling.

Lycan The Obsidian
combines Snowflake Obsidian beads, Black Multi Faceted Hematite Beads and is finished off with a Black Lycan Head.

Derived from folklore and mythology the Lycan is commonly mistaken as a werewolf, but the Lycan is a more advanced species that, unlike the werewolf, can for the most part control their transformations!

Snowflake Obsidian stone is believed to help achieve balance in the body and mind and also have a soothing and calming effect. The stone is also known as the stone of purity....... if it isn't already too late for you!

Why Choose Us?

- Lifetime Guarantee, we’ve got your…. Um Wrist!

- Your style won’t fade and neither will our Beads

- 10% off your next purchase voucher

- Premium Elastic (no beads all over the floor!)

- Size tailored to YOUR wrist 4 different sizes

- Eco friendly sustainable packaging (your grandkids will thank you!)

- 10% of profit to Mens Mental Health Charities

Sizing Guide

Small (7 inches / 17.8 cm)
Medium (7.5 inches / 19 cm)
Large (8 inches / 20.3 cm)
Extra Large (8.5 inches / 21.6 cm)